Thursday, 15 November 2012

Chinese Health Qigong

Last Thursday (8th November) saw the start of the Health Qigong UK seminars tour organised by Deyin Taijiquan and British Qigong Health Association. I am very proud to say they started their tour in Liverpool with a three hour workshop on Yi Jin Jing health qigong. Twenty three people attended and the feedback received was very positive (see below). Professor Hua from Wuhan delivered the workshop after demonstrating the whole set (see pictures below)
Here are some of the comments received from attendees: "a very good, interesting session and (I) really enjoyed it very much. ….I also found it surprisingly relaxing" (Rita). "the Professor was a brilliant tutor" (Valery). "It was lovely to see such a master perform the sequence so beautifully, and glimpse its potential for calm, energising movement. It was an inspiring reminder of what to keep aiming at, rather than focussing on the sometimes difficult struggle to learn particular movements. I thought the pacing of the session worked out well. We were given scope to really begin to assimilate the earlier, easier moves, without feeling rushed, which certainly gave me … a degree of confidence and relaxation…" (Anne). "Really great evening and slept the best I have in ages!" (Mary).

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