Friday, 17 October 2014

Tai Chi or Qigong - Which do you prefer?

My experience is that most people have never heard of Qigong when they set foot in a Tai Chi class. I certainly hadn't but I instantly fell in love with the Qigong and I am convinced that is what kept me coming back to the class. I am not the most patient person (better since doing Tai Chi) and I found Qigong easier to pick up and practise at home although it took several months before I confidently could remember the routine. Nonetheless I would try it each night after the children were in bed and loved the feeling of relaxation and calm it gave me.
Tai Chi was definitely a bigger challenge and a much slower process but I loved the Tai Chi because of that and there was nothing else like it that I had ever done. Having asked the question I'm not sure which I prefer. I love both systems but I know that some students are not as keen on the Qigong as the Tai Chi. I have taught classes that are just Qigong and just Tai Chi. I think Qigong classes can survive quite easily without any Tai Chi but I'm not sure that Tai Chi works as well on its own. The Qigong is a great system to get in the right frame of mind for doing the Tai Chi although I guess that might depend on which Qigong we are doing. In any case all my Tai Chi classes include Qigong. The question isn't really about which is better as they both have proven benefits - its a personal question and one which I can't answer!!! I love them both.
So come on, any thoughts or comments?

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