Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tai Chi in the Park

The day started with beautiful sunny weather and managed to stay like that until 10.15am when the rain and hail stones descended. Not detered I decided to go to the park as arranged for 11am and see if anyone would turn up. I took my Tai Chi magazine that arrived yesterday and with a packed lunch set off. The rain had eased a lot by this point.
I was not to be disappointed and as the sky started to clear and the rain dry up then came more Tai Chi practitioners - another four so we had a small but effective group of five.
Situated between the car park and the cafe, to avoid the soggy grass, we warmed up and performed the 8 step and 24 step routines. We also had a go at the fan and those who hadn't done it before also enjoyed practising opening and closing the fan - there was much laughter at this point.
We finished off with the Eight Treasures Qigong and I think it is safe to say that we all felt a lot better for it. The sun stayed shining and it was lovely to be outdoors with the birds singing.
Keep an eye out for further dates in different parks.

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